Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Still going...

Yesterday was entertaining. I woke up to snow again. I love snow. I love to play in it, and I love to take pictures of it.

My lovely new camera arrived. It is my christmas and birthday gift from my grandmother and my mother. They both sent me money for christmas and my birthday, and the camera is what I chose to use it for.

I bought a Nikon Coolpix P80

I have now taken pictures of the cats, and some jewelry, and the cats again, and some random things... And then the moon! I haven't managed good pictures of the moon before, so I am all kinds of happy.

Today I finished the last commission piece I had on request. That will get packed and in the mail on Thursday, unless my friend Karen comes over tomorrow, in which case I may run the package to the post office tomorrow instead.

Tomorrow, barring a possible trip tot he post office, I am going to stay at home, do some household chores, apply for some more jobs, and make some more jewelry.

And just as a non-sequitor, someday, I really need to learn how to make good hash browned potatoes. I'm still trying to learn how, and I'm only slowly getting better, and I have been trying now for 10 years! It's one of the few foods that I still have trouble making correctly. :)

And now, for sleep! Sleep time!

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