Sunday, June 3, 2018

So close to the end of the tunnel!

Just dashing through the blog real fast.

I just finished my last full semester for school. I have 1 last class and a thesis to go. If everything goes according to a tentative plan, I may have a very very expensive piece of paper by the end of summer.

I did take this weekend off, other than waiting for my last paper of last semester to get graded. It was nice to have a couple of days where I wasn't planted in front of the computer working as hard as I could.

Of course, that starts up again tomorrow, but it was nice for a couple of days anyway.

It's a chilly weekend here this weekend, so there was a lot of incentive to stay in the house and do chores. I didn't finish all the chores, I still haven't vacuumed and the dishes aren't finished. But I'll work on those during the week.

For now, I'm going to bed.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Over halfway through April, can you believe it?

It's been a long while since I last updated. So this one will be a bit longer than usual.

I'm in my last full semester, which is a big part of why there haven't been any updates. It's hard going, not just because of the subjects (which are actually the easier of the reasons), but also because it's so close to done that I have more trouble concentrating on actually DOING the work.

In late January, early February, I think early February, I managed to get a bug bite on my foot that ended up causing trouble with my right knee and then in mid-February, I nearly blew out the knee. Damaged the LCL (the ligament on the outside of the knee that does most of the work of straightening the joint. That resulted in HUGE doctor bills and 5 weeks of physical therapy. But no surgery, so I'm super grateful for that. I still have to do a lot of physical therapy, though. The knee is not yet back to 100%. But it's still healing, so I'll take it. I need to get more walking into my schedule, which would help it heal faster. But I just don't have anywhere that I can fit it in.

The bird is still being entertaining. She's definitely into puberty, her behavior is so very typical of puberty it is almost funny. She wants so badly to come out as soon as I get home, but the moment I open the door to let her out, she turns her back to me and shoves her face in her food bowl to show that she is FAR too busy to come out and see me. LOL

Last week, I believe it was, I offered her my hand to come out during a study break. She turned her back, so I shut the door and left the room. There was a shocked silence for a couple of minutes, then outraged shrieks, and rather desperate calls for me to come back. But one of the few things I won't back down on is that she needs manners. She isn't allowed to be out without supervision, as she's in the front room and there are too many things that she could get into and hurt or kill herself if she were out. While I won't force her to come out, she doesn't get to make demands about when or how she comes out. Not allowed. Whether she likes it or not, I'm still above her in the food chain and always will be.

This weekend, she's at birdy daycare while I did a final tonight. I'll pick her up tomorrow to come home. I needed the time to cram and not have her screaming to come out (which I'd totally let her do if she didn't try to "help" on the keyboard...

I did take my second to last final for the semester. And I passed it. Hurray!

I have 5 more weeks, 1 more final, and a paper to go. Then next semester is a shorter class and my thesis. Hopefully, I'll be done before the end of summer!

I'm going to tell a story from here... and parts of it will be rather vulgar (not because I like vulgarity, but because this is more of a cautionary tale, and the vulgarity is being repeated from what the speaker said.)

The tale of the Moronic Wrong Number Guy

So remember I mentioned that in mid February I nearly blew out my knee? Yeah, me too. ;)

About 5 days after the damage happened, I hobbled my way to the doctor. It would have been sooner, except I couldn't get down the stairs. There was a whole fiasco with Amazon orders, the orders being marked "delivered" when actually they were just dropped at the door to the apartment complex office (where the office hours clearly state that no one is in the office on Sundays when the package was dropped off), packages getting "lost" and all kinds of other things. That part all ended with me on the phone to Amazon being VERY angry.

Anyway, I was hobbling to the doctor and of course it started to snow, because why wouldn't it?

I find a pretty good parking spot and am trying to negotiate my way to the door and my phone rings... It's a number from inside the state, but it's not a number I know.

In normal circumstances, I wouldn't answer it. I blame the painkillers for the fact that I did.

So I answer it and say "Hello?" as one does here in America.

A voice on the other end say "Hi, I thought it was about time to give you a sexy phone call." (and yes, he did try to italicize "sexy". Mostly, he sounded kind of stupid, but you don't normally tell people that when they are strangers on the phone.

I say something like, "I'm sorry, but who is this?" and get "Oh, don't you recognize my voice?"

Dude, if I recognized your voice, why would I be asking who it is? Chalk one up in the Not So Bright column. I respond with "No, I think you may have the wrong number."

The Not So Bright Wrong Number Guy spends nearly 5 minutes arguing with me about whether or not I know him. I promise, I don't know you, guy.

After he FINALLY believes me that I really don't know who he is, nor do I know who he was trying to reach... I get "Gee, I'm sorry to have bothered you, but I must say you have a really sexy voice." He then compared my voice to an actress from the 50s, but I cannot for the life of me remember who anymore.

I hung up the phone and thought no more about it. I then proceeded into the doctors office.

I check in, and am told to sit down as there is about a 40 minute wait. It's a walk-in (or hobble-in) clinic, so that's not uncommon. I'm quietly playing a game on my phone, and I get a text message from the Wrong Number Guy... really? Who does that?

I get a message that says "Wow really nice phone voice too bad I got a wrong number lol"

This tells me that you either have little education, or purposefully ignore your education.

Moving on. He keeps trying to engage in conversation over text. I go see the doctor. The short version of the doctor visit was that he thought I'd ruptured the ACL or one of the stabilizing ligaments. He prescribed heavy duty painkillers, physical therapy, and bed rest for the rest of the week.

I manage to get home, and THANKFULLY got my cane that was supposed to have been delivered the previous Sunday (4 days earlier.) . So now I could hobble a little more easily.

I follow doctors orders and take one of the major pain pills. And that's when things got weirder. I had responded to the guys text messages, which again I normally wouldn't do. But my judgement was impaired, and the texts seemed harmless enough. (And they were, they were just basically conversation about the weather.)

Anyway, I get a message asking if he could call me. And when I'm not stoned on pain killers, the answer would be no, I don't think so, followed by being blocked. This time, I said sure, but that I would only be available from X time to Y time. He didn't call at the specified time, and I moved on to the rest of my evening. I came back to a whiny voicemail about why didn't I answer his call? Followed by a couple of text messages along the same lines.

I responded pretty firmly with a message that I was busy and I had only been available during the time specified.

Didn't hear another word from him after that.

I promptly forgot about him because I don't know him and he was just a blip.

So fast forward 6 weeks (roughly) and this past Monday at 11:23pm, I get a text message.

Now I'm studying. I've got a final in less than a week, and had just had a major "Class in a day" class session on the Sunday before to try to help me prepare. So I'm transcribing my notes, setting up a conference call with my professor to go over some things that I didn't understand, and studying to try to make sure I'm ready for the test...

So I was a bit startled when I get a ping of a text message at nearly 11:30pm. Most polite people do not text at 11:30pm unless it's urgent. This was most definitely NOT urgent.

It's a text from a number I don't recognize says "Are you busy?"

I had to take a couple of minutes to figure out who the number was for. I was less than thrilled to see it was Wrong Number Guy.

I text back with just "Studying for a test"

The response was "Mind if I call and say hello?" (Why do you need to call and say hello? It should have been pretty clear that I really wasn't interested. But you know what, maybe you need a bit more clarity to this message.)

So I text back with "I cannot talk for long. But I can take a short break." I'm not on pain killers this time. So we're going to have a bit of a conversation, where I will be polite, but you WILL get the message this time.

My phone rings.

I am still working, so I don't pick up the phone, but I do have BlueTooth headphones and I use those to pick up the call.

The voice on the other end doesn't bother to introduce himself. (Yes, I do know the name he gave me before, but even though I'm mostly mocking this whole thing online, I won't put up his name or his phone number.)

The conversation started off with the basics, how you doing, things like that. I kept my answers short, and distracted and very uninterested.

He tells me that he just got back from some time in Belize. (My first response that I did NOT say was "Why, did it take a long time to pass the drugs you were muling?") . I mumble some inane response about it being warmer there than here. He starts talking about how the weather there is so lovely (honestly, I don't remember most of this babble section. I was still typing up my notes.)

Then, in under 4 minutes, we're back to him telling me how sexy my voice is.

I interrupted him and said "No, it's grating and annoying."

He stumbles some, and then gets onto a new tack wherein he starts gushing about how he can TELL that I am the type of person who tells it like it is and I'm so FULL of passion... This is where his voice started to turn slimy... as he then said "I bet most of the people around her don't know how passionate you are... because you keep it all bottled up inside."

(Dude, this same line was tried on me about 20 years ago. It didn't work then either.)

I didn't actually respond to this statement, and so he waited a few beats and then said "But that's NOT GOOD FOR YOU!!" (Whatever.)

I'm still working, but my headset died, so then I had to actually switch to holding the phone with one hand and typing with one hand so I could finish scheduling my conference call.

Then after another minute or so of me not responding much to what this idiot was saying... I get "So... I was thinking about an experiment...." And he left that hanging there, apparently hoping that I would be just DYING to find out what he was thinking. (News flash... I wasn't.)

When I didn't answer, he stumbled in his delivery again, and asked "Do you ... want to hear what I was thinking about?"

My response (red flag alert!) was "No, not really, but I'm sure you're going to tell me, so go ahead." (VERY uninterested voice.)

(By the way, here comes the vulgarity, and honestly, if you could have heard the smarmy slime coming from this idiots mouth, you'd be laughing as hard as I do every time I remember this. Boys of the world... This is absolutely how NOT to talk to anyone you might want to have sex with either virtually or in person.)

The twit on the phone then proceeded to say "So... I'm laying here in bed..."





"Humping a pillow..."


(Really? You normally do that to pillows and then call strange women on the phone? Right, a) your pillows probably all should be burned. b) you need a life. c) buy a DVD and some tissues. They won't laugh at you all over the place and tell most everyone they know about the laughingstock that is you.)

"I was wondering if you might like to help me out here..."

To which I responded with "No, not really. I'm busy. I have to get back to studying. But you have fun on your own."

And then the whiny voice returned with "oh, come on! It will just take 2 minutes!"

(Seriously, if it only takes you 2 minutes, you're doing it wrong.)

I replied again with "No, you go take care of it on your own."

Whiny voice now complained "But solo isn't any fun!"

(Even more seriously, if it isn't fun solo, then you are really REALLY doing it wrong!!)

Then he had the gall to ask "Well, could I at least send you a picture?"

I was done by now and told him "No, I'm busy. Have a good night."

And then I hung up on him.

He's since been blocked on my phone. I left out the part where he wanted to call again later in the week and then whined because I told him I was busy for several more months because I'm in school.

The first lesson here is the one I knew already... don't answer calls from numbers you don't know.

But more than that. Don't be dumb. This guy is DUMB. I have his name, I have his phone number. I have the area that the phone number is billed to. I can find out what carrier his number is on. I can take all of that to the police if I really wanted and get him slapped with a restraining order or worse. It's possible that he could lose his phone number and service if I really pushed it.

I could pretty easily get his full name, address, and a lot of other information about him just because of what I have right now.

Just because I'm female doesn't make me stupid. It doesn't make me desperate to have a man or anything else in my life or between my legs.

If he had actually been polite and friendly, without being stupid and vulgar, odds are good he wouldn't have been blocked on my phone. We might have even had more conversations. It's even remotely possible that it could have become a friendship.

But I can't blame the first woman for giving him a wrong number. I just wish she'd had the boobs to say No to him instead of giving him a wrong number which happened to be my number.

I do laugh at the whole scenario. His vulgarity and idiocy are hilarious to me. He's now a standing joke in my office because I've told most of the people I work with the story. Give it a month and hundreds of people will know the story. Most of the men I know who have heard it cringe while they laugh because they are laughing at him and are horribly embarrassed by his behavior.

And now I'm out of stories for the night. I need to finish up my work for tonight and head into tomorrow.

Odds are really good that updates are going to continue to be sparse for a few more months. But we'll get there. :)

Thursday, October 26, 2017

2 down, halfway through

Took my second final this week. Passed. I was so happy. I wasn't super worried, but there is always a level of fretfulness when taking a final.

I was thrilled to have passed. I have two more to go. One on the Principles of Accounting and one on Change Management. I'm honestly less worried about the accounting than the Change Management. Accounting is all numbers and columns. Once I know which columns the numbers go in, it's all math from there and I'm good at math.

Change management needs memorization of various processes and policies and this, that, or the other.

And the book is written for crap.

I'll tell you, these books are the WORST thing about going to school through WGU. The course books are very hit or miss, and tend more towards miss in my experience. They are generally written very poorly, and even more poorly edited. So they have sentences that make no sense. They have sentences that stop, literally in the middle of the sentence. If you are spectacularly lucky, the rest of the sentence will be the next paragraph or bullet point. They are full of incorrect information, and yet, I'm supposed to somehow "learn" from these.

They aren't my only gripe, but they are the biggest gripe I have.

And they are one of the first things that I mention when people ask me about going to school through WGU.

That said, I'm nearly done and then I will have the "I'm so SMRT" piece of paper, which I need.

I am taking a few days off from studying this week since I haven't really done much house work in the last 2 weeks. I have had to run the vacuum, since Sorun likes to throw food EVERYWHERE.

But I only got dishes done today, and it's been about 3 days (not many dishes, since it's just me and I haven't had to cook a whole lot this week. But it was still a few.)

I've also got a large pile of recycling that needs to go out and I still have stuff to go out to the garage. I took a few cat things to the car with me this morning, but then didn't have the ability to get them to the garage before or after work due to one thing or another.

I'm going to take a few more things tomorrow and hope that I can get them to the garage. I also really want to get the big rubbermaid tub cleared off (before it also goes to the garage) so that I can lay out some butcher paper and carve my pumpkin!

I figure Sorun has never seen a pumpkin before, we missed out on the Halloween themed Squawk Box, and I rather enjoy carving pumpkins. So I will carve this one, let her chew on it for a while, and then I will roast the seeds for a treat that we can both share.

I might pick up a sugar pie pumpkin later to make pie with, but we'll see on that one.

After a week of working from home, I'm so happy to be back in the office. I know a lot of people think it is a dream to be able to work from home, but it really isn't a dream for me. Since I don't have a dedicated office area (with a door), it means that I see my entire house and Sorun, the little feathered terror, can see me. And being both a bird and a baby, she doesn't understand the concept of "work from home". She sees mom, sitting in a chair, and not letting her out to play. So we end up with days of tantrums. Add to that the fact that it's getting cold fast here in the Pacific NorthWest, and it makes it hard to keep the house warm enough for her to stay healthy. So I bought her a couple of warming options. But ultimately, when the weather gets really cold, she's going to have to be in the bedroom during the day. I can keep that room much warmer, more efficiently, and for less cost. She'll just be furious and will have to deal.

But on that note, I'll leave a few pictures of featherhead for anyone interested:

This is our new routine for breakfast most days. I prepare her breakfast and then spread a towel on the TV tray and put her food dish roughly in the middle. It doesn't prevent most of the food ending up outside the bowl, but it does make it a lot easier to clean up after breakfast:

One of the days that I was working from home, she was out playing for a while, and decided that she needed a break to sit on my shoulder. But then she had to avidly watch the clouds going over our skylight:

As the day wears on, she wants more cuddle time, and will often demand my hand, and then shove her head into my fingers to try to get me to pet her:

One of the funniest (and most interesting) discoveries is learning what movies she likes. I like movies, and I like having them on as background noise, if nothing else (helps drown out the people who live around me.)

I'm learning that featherhead likes singing and dancing, but in specific styles. She likes things from about the 30s, think Annie (the 1980's version) and Little Shop of Horrors (although she thinks the dentist is scary.) She doesn't care one way or the other about Nightmare before Christmas or The Lord of the Rings 1. Lord of the Rings 2 and 3 were deemed "scary". She loves Moana and The Little Mermaid. She liked Lilo and Stitch after Lilo started teaching Stitch how to be Elvis. Apparently the feathered terror likes Elvis.

The funniest bit was when I turned on The Little Mermaid for the first time, and as soon as Sorun heard the Disney logo music this is her pose:

She stopped EVERYTHING to watch the TV so she could find out what movie it was.

She wasn't so enamoured with Disney's Tarzan or Hercules. But I think a trip to the library will need to be scheduled so that I can check out some musicals that I don't have in my personal movie library.

I want to let her watch Wall-E and Aladdin soon too.

Monday, October 16, 2017

One down, three to go

First final is taken and passed. I have 3 more to go.

I had intended to spend some time tonight studying and reviewing for my next final.

But work was so difficult today that instead, I'm throwing in the towel and I'm going to bed early (for me). I'm behind on most of my chores (and by most, I mean all) and right now, I want to go to bed and read my book. I'm cross about the things that were making work difficult and I just want to deal with nothing else today.

So studying will hopefully happen tomorrow. If I can do review for a few days, I can retake the pre-test and if I score well enough to make myself comfortable, I can schedule the final for early next week.

I'd really like to have 2 down before the end of the month. It should be doable. Out of the 4 finals, I passed 3 of the pre-tests already.

Featherhead is still growing and still learning.

Breakfast is now held outside the cage every day (unless I'm ill or miss my alarm.)

We watch some cartoon either on Netflix or Amazon Prime (Hulu has been having difficulties recently, so it's falling to the bottom of my play lists.) She gets about 45 minutes to eat her breakfast. Breakfast usually consists of a variety of vegetables including an assortment of sweet peppers, broccoli, sugar snap peas, corn, carrots, oatmeal, sprouts, spinach, kale, cabbage, and sometimes some small pieces of fruit. It's not all of those, but it is some number of them. She has finally started really liking her veggies in the morning and is very eager to come out and get the veggies out of the bowl (and often fling at least half of them to the floor. Just like most babies.) Harder veggies, like the broccoli and carrots are blanched for a minute in the microwave, then cooled under running water so they don't burn her mouth. Broccoli and Peas are her current favorites, but the sweet peppers are right up there on some days as are carrots.

After breakfast, she may get the leftovers in her cage for about an hour or so while I get ready for work. Before I leave for work, breakfast gets removed and a dish of dry "fresh" foods goes in. This is generally a very small amount of things like shredded wheat cereal, raw pumpkin seeds, yogurt dipped sunflower seeds, a couple of small pieces of cinnamon BelVita breakfast cookie, and maybe a small amount of homemade bread of one flavor or another. (Bread is a rarity, but she needs things that won't attract fruit flies and won't spoil. Stale bread isn't a problem. She can throw it on the floor if she doesn't like it. Oh, and she gets some Cheerios.)

She has already moved into the attitude of "NO!". She doesn't talk at this time, female cockatiels don't tend to talk as much, but she's fully capable of it. She whistles a lot, which is very common in cockatiels. But she doesn't need to speak, she is fully capable of communicating a NO! in other ways. Like picking up whatever veggie is on the NO list today, and flinging it across the room (she can get a couple of feet of fling if she tries.) Or turning around so she can't see me and then she pretends she can't hear me either so she can continue doing whatever it is that she wants to do.

Me sneezing is absolutely on the NO list. It scares the little featherbrain and she scrambles to get away from the head explosion.

The last few nights, going to bed has also been on the NO list. There have been terrible tantrums at bedtime. But generally it's because she is SO tired. She does the same "I'm not tired!" act that human children do, and then tantrums. But once put down, it's about 2 minutes before she's out like a light.

She's been down for about an hour tonight and nary a peep. She was so tired today that she was falling asleep on my shoulder during our evening movie.

She has some interesting taste in movies. Annie (the '80s version with Carol Burnett and Tim Curry) is her favorite movie so far. She loves it and will turn around in the cage to watch it as it plays. So that's the movie I put on when I go to take my tests in the bedroom. She can watch Annie, and it will keep her quiet while I work on my test.

Tonight we watched Little Shop of Horrors, also from the 80s, with Rick Moranis and Steve Martin. She thought the dentist was scary, but she enjoyed the rest of the film and chirped along with some of the songs.

Interestingly, she didn't care one way or the other for Nightmare before Christmas. But likes Moana. Doesn't mind the Fellowship of the Ring, but does NOT like Two Towers (she thinks it's scary.)

Tomorrow will probably be Lilo & Stitch. And I have the feeling we'll be watching more musicals in the future. :)

She definitely has a preference for the 1930s.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Very brief update

I have 8 weeks left in my semester and 4 finals that need to be crammed for and taken (and passed.)

So it's going to be even quieter than usual in here.

I'm exhausted.

There are no kittens in my house. They were here for a week, and there were issues which ended up with them having to go back to their momma.

I still have the bird, who is clever and still very much a baby.

And I have piles of homework to work on.

It's now 12:15am and I need desperately to go to bed. Night!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Vacations need to be done in stages

Just a quick post today.

Back from vacation. I absolutely LOVED Alaska. LOVE.

There were some small issues with the trip. I'm still unpacking. I'm missing one of the things that I bought. Don't know where it ended up. It was supposed to be in the bag with sparkly things, but I didn't see it in there when I unpacked it. I have to check the rest of the bags.

Laundry is started, a weeks worth of dirty clothes are stinky.

No food in my fridge, so I ordered pizza. Not what I wanted, but it was available.

I will have groceries tomorrow, and Sorun the bird comes home tomorrow.

I'll be working on sorting through all my pictures tomorrow as well, so I should post again in a couple of days with some pictures. Not all of them, since I probably took about 1500-2000 pictures. But a select few. :)

Oh, and I found out the kittens I will be getting. The snuggly older kitten was finally picked up the day after I met him. So he won't be coming home with me.

Instead, I will be getting my original first choices, the gorgeous grey tiger and the black panther.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Finally cooler, autumn is on the way

I've finally gotten a garage at my apartment complex.

It's not huge, it is a single car garage. But it's bigger than my storage unity, and costs about the same. I'm going to hire movers to bring over all my stuff from my storage unit and move it into my garage.

I have shelves and a workbench on one side of the garage. This makes me really happy since I can actually work on things out there. Like sorting fleeces, or carding wool. Some of which I cannot do in the house.

I've also moved some items from the house to the garage. One of which will likely come back to the house if it gets warm again, since it's an umbrella to go with my patio table and chairs.

Right now, though, I'm far more interested in getting stuff OUT of the house. I want to clear up enough space that I can put together the shelves that I got from IKEA a few weeks ago. I need to get those put together soon, since part of why I got them was to keep things away from small kitten paws.

I met the kittens last week. I swear, I was supposed to get 2 siblings. 4 weeks old when I met them, and they are so sweet, so small, and still slightly wobbly. Blue eyes still for all of them and because they are all tiny babies with tiny feet and tiny noses, I just wanted to cuddle them all and take them all home. However, I'm limited to 2 cats. Even if it wasn't the rule of the complex, it would be my rule. 2 is plenty.

There are 5 kittens in the litter, 3 tabbies and 2 black. One of the tabbies is a little grey tiger stripe and I really thought he or she should come home with me (provided we meshed when we met.) I've never owned a tabby, so this would be new. I wasn't particular, I told my friend to just pick me out a couple of good ones.

Then I met them. And more than just the 5 kittens. I met momma cat (sweet cat, not a good fit for me. She wants to be an indoor/outdoor cat, which doesn't mesh with my lifestyle or beliefs. She's super sweet though.) I met all 5 kittens, and wrestled with them (my hand vs the kittens.)

And I met the 3(ish) month old, unrelated kitten from a previous litter of another momma. The 3 month old was abandoned before even being picked up by his (her?) new owners. They just never showed up. This is one of the sweetest cats I've met in ages. I sat on a stool, cat-teen hopped up next to me and offered to give me something to do with my hands (petting, of course.) I watched cat-teen be super gentle with the kittens and back down before momma cat who hates his/her guts. When I moved to the low chair to better see kittens and be seen by kittens, cat-teen came leaping from my friend's lap over to my lap, ran up my chest to head butt me as hard as possible. And then insisted that I needed to make a cradle of my arms to cuddle and pet cat-teen who also decided it was bath time, kill my necklace time, and then nap time.

Cat-teen is a plan changer. The personality is absolutely one that I love. It's very similar to Shu's wholehearted look at how he loved the people that he loved. There was no real levels of love, it was pretty much all or nothing. Cat-Teen is similar, but much smarter. Picture of naptime snuggles:

I think I found the other kitten to come home with me once the babies are all weaned. This little panther kitten climbed up my leg (my shoes are bigger than he/she is.) Once at the top, the panther kitten curled up against my leg and also fell asleep:

Kittens won't come home until baby is weaned. I still don't actually know if both of these two are available. I should know that in a couple weeks or so.

That should give me time to work on getting more stuff unpacked, unboxed, or gotten rid of.

And it helps that autumn is approaching fast, bringing cooler weather and pleasant evenings.

And no, I haven't forgotten Baby Sorun. He gets to come home in just over a week. I'm counting down. I have 9 days to go. His cage is all clean. I need to run to the hardware store so that I can see if I can replace a few screws that are either rusted or were missing when I bought the cage. Unfortunately, the cage maker went out of business, so replacement parts are pretty much impossible to find.

Sorun and I went toy shopping last weekend at Customer Appreciation day. He was very excitable because there were SO MANY PEOPLE! There were birds everywhere, people everywhere, and food everywhere. He finally got too excited and couldn't stand still, but couldn't work out his own body. So at that point, he had to go take some quiet time. I paid for his toys. They are waiting here for him. I plan to set up the cage next weekend and bring him home early next week. It will be nice to have him home.