Saturday, May 16, 2009

busy busy!

Today was definitely craft related, but it involved making necessary repairs to clothing. But nearly all of them are repaired! I need to do some hand stuff, sock darning, and buttons, but nearly everything is fixed. As soon as they are all fixed, the sewing machine can come off the craft table.

After the craft table is de-machined... then I will be getting all the beads and jewelry supplies packed up and tidied away. I need to re-arrange the craft room/office area and the beads have to be tidied up first.

Yesterday I found a beautiful cast iron jewelry tree that I bought. It's more expensive than I can honestly afford, but I had been trying to find a good display for a long time. So I decided that I would find a way to afford it.

Once I get a new and bigger photo box made, you can see the tree in pictures! :)

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