Friday, May 1, 2009

Swag, prices, and Twitter

Last night, for no real reason, I signed up on Twitter. So now, Ebonraven is on Twitter as well as Blogger and Facebook. :)

Feel free to add me to your Twitter if you twitter. I will probably see about setting it up to send daily updates over here as well, if I can. But that's not right now. Right now, sadly, is a trip to Renton. I didn't really WANT to drive to Renton, but I failed to get my package in the mail yesterday.

I am putting Swag into free Swag Bags for the EtsyRain Craft show on May 9th. I will put up more information on the Craft Show later. But they asked for swag. That's why I made the simple earrings, and what sparked the idea of the Bargain section in the store. The earrings are all put through business cards instead of normal earring cards. So now I just need to get my stuff together into a package with some flyers and head down to Renton.

I went through the entire store yesterday and dropped pretty much all prices by about $5-$10. It makes sense in these hard economic times (like the catchphrase? :) to lower prices. No one has much money to spare, and I would prefer to lower my prices and make some sales than keep them up and not sell anything.

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