Monday, January 14, 2013

That was a big pile of "Meant To"

I swear that I meant to post last week.  I'm really trying to make sure that I post once a week if not more.

And then last Friday it all got all crazy.

Our weather is going wacko around here.  It's cold enough to snow, but doesn't, or it pretends to snow, but then turns to rain for a while, then freezes.  Or it will be freezing, but sunny and warm if you are in the sun.  And yet not warm enough to melt the snow and ice all around my house.

Friday was one of those days where it snowed and then stopped and melted, then snowed again and little more, then melted.  And then started snowing again.  I gave up and went home.  My car doesn't handle snow at all.

But once I got home, there were piles of things that needed doing and I forgot to actually post.

All weekend I worked on things that needed doing and still didn't post.  I didn't post the questionnaire I needed to do and I didn't even get on the computer much at all.  And still didn't feel like I got much done.

The weather report said today would be only partly cloudy.  Being the Pacific NorthWest, I'm used to that vague statement.  But today it apparently means "Cloudy all day with a snow mist, and a 30 second sun break in the late afternoon."

I did make the weekly loaf of bread yesterday and it was gorgeous.  And tasty.  :)  A friend told me that she is going to buy the ingredients to try to make bread in a couple of weeks.  And I had to think for a while to try to figure out why she didn't have the stuff at home already.  Because I always do, but apparently that goes along with the fact that I bake pretty frequently.  So flour and yeast are very regularly part of my grocery basics.

Tonight is still more freezing temps, so I shall go home and make pulled pork enchiladas for dinner.  It shall be fabulous.

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