Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This is how much I love my sister

I'm a homebody.

I enjoy traveling well enough, but I don't feel a driving need to go out and explore the world.  I did a fair amount of that when I was younger (and had fewer bills.)

I've been to a fair number of states, (at least over half at a super brief count) and several countries.

However, I very much like being home.  My house is comfy (if crowded and cluttered.)  I have my small group of friends and my local things to do.

However, I was asked to fly to Florida for my sister.  And because it is my sister, whom I love very much, I am willing to do it.

Today she and I ended up in a fight over email (because we were both at work and busy and don't have time to yell at each other over the phone.)  Partly we were both to blame, and partly some other email parties were to blame.  I was feeling harassed, bullied, and not treated like I am an adult and get a choice in anything I do.

We had the email version of a knock-down, drag-out, hair-pulling, name-calling fight.  We both threatened some things and then we were both able to step back and apologize to each other.  We also acknowledged that we both made mistakes and are both feeling rather stressed. 

However, because I adore my sister (now that we are no longer teens) I am willing to do a lot for her.

Before I can do the trip for her, though, I need to make sure that my work is finished and ready for me to be out of town for a couple of days.

Thank goodness my friend is willing to be my housesitter on short notice.  :D

(I have revised a couple of things because passive-aggressive behavior is bad enough when other people do it, and I am still working on curbing my own passive-aggressive behavior (some of the time.))

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