Friday, June 20, 2014

It's late here, sorry 'bout that

The move is nearly finished. I have one last load of odds and ends still at the old place. I still have the washer, dryer, and stove (range) there that I want to sell (so if you are in the Seattle-ish area, and are looking to buy, please let me know... I'll give you a really good price. ;) But pretty much everything is finally here from the old place. I still have a storage unit full of stuff, but that's going to just stay there for a little while longer. It has to. I do not have the room to get it all here and I am out of patience and time with moving more stuff. I'm also enrolled in school and trying to make sure to get work in on that. And that's not easy when you are working an average of 43 hours (or more) a week at work, and still moving. I'm hoping to finish the reading for this class this week and then get the pre-test done next weekend. That would give me another week in which to work on the things that I am still weaker in. But I really really need to focus on school this coming week. Because I didn't do so as much this past week and it shows. I am still working on the bright orange and yellow socks for Julio (the restaurant owner that used to host my spinning guild) but I don't know where the box when that contains the yarn for the heels on those socks. I know it's around here somewhere... My goals for this weekend are to finish moving all the things I want to keep (except the appliances) out of the old place. Then find the library here and get my new library card. I also wanted to do the mail forward with the post office (just so you all know, it is totally free if you do the paper version... IT IS NOT FREE ONLINE!! HOW DUMB IS THAT?! Yes, I'm a bit annoyed by that. And I tried to change my voter registration forms, but the stupid website that USPS sent me to didn't like my new address. But I requested new forms from the government website. I still need to change all the addresses with all my mail and the one magazine I get. Anyway, I still need to work on unpacking and schoolwork. And after I finish unpacking the bathroom tomorrow, I am going to really start focusing on getting the dining room area sorted a bit more. I need to be able to do my homework at the table, not on a TV tray. :) Oh, another big change recently is that I adopted a pair of cockatiels. Their previous owner became ill and was too ill to care for them. I feel bad for them, they are a 13 year old pair of siblings and have been with one owner for their entire lives... until now. Now they are suddenly having to get used to someone new, in a new house, and I insist on weird things (like not eating seeds all the time because seeds are like candy, and I insist on more than one perch, and I insist that they will be handleable and well mannered. I'm so mean.) Shu the cat is both happy to have the company and horribly horribly jealous at the same time. We had a bit of a tiff today because he was trying to insist that I had to do what he wanted and the answer was no. I am drinking far more tea and tisanes (herbal tea that doesn't actually contain any TEA) because they are tasty... and because my tea collection takes up 2 full shelves on a smaller bookcase. So it is generally iced chai in the mornings and a lovely Lemon Rose or Pomegranate White Tea in the evenings. I'm going to run out of both soon. Tomorrow is the last of the Pomegranate White Tea, and I will have to find another evening drink. It's now about 11:30pm and I need to head to bed. I will be heading to the old place tomorrow morning to finish up removing my stuff and then it is off to the library and the grocery store (not that I can afford to buy much of anything, but I do need to buy mayo and some things to make quiche. I had 2 frozen pie crusts and they thawed on the way to the new place today. So I am going to use them tomorrow to make quiche. 2 quiches should give me lunch every day for work and a couple of dinners as well. And I love quiche. :)

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