Friday, August 28, 2015

Not okay with this change

On my way to and from work today, I listened to the very last Sparks Nevada episode from The Thrilling Adventure Hour.

It was definitely a good ending, and made me laugh, but at the same time I was fighting not to start to cry in the horrible sobs of a goodbye that you aren't ready for.

I only started listening to the Thrilling Adventure Hour about a year and a half ago, I think. Right about the time they did a crossover episode with Welcome to Night Vale (another favorite podcast.) I wasn't able to go see any of them at the convention they did (I ended up have the flu and having to work.)

But this didn't stop the show becoming a top favorite on my podcast list. I found that I loved the story aspect and it brings back good memories of radio plays that were listened to when I was little. I don't remember where, anymore, but I know that I did listen some with my grandmother and she was trying to explain to a young me that they didn't have television. And granted, we didn't always have a television either, but in her case, it was because it either had not been invented yet or was still so new that most people hadn't ever seen one, let alone owned one.

I remember college when one of my assignments was to write a radio play (and my god, were those terrible.) I would like to think that if I could have gotten my hands on recordings of things other than The Shadow, that maybe our play would have been better... but maybe not. ;)

TAH was done in the same style as radio plays in the early 20th century. Microphones, scripts in hand, sound effects, and voices. But it's startling how fast you start to recognize voices as THIS CHARACTER or THAT CHARACTER.

As I moved through the last few episodes, most of which were final episodes of their particular story, and we came up to the last two, I just kept getting more and more prone to tears. When I reached the last Beyond Belief episode, I'm glad that the characters weren't killed off. I don't know that I could have handled that, but the ending was good. And then Sparks Nevada's final episode and let me tell you now... ugly crying is a BAD THING when you are driving.

I'm still definitely at the NOT OKAY WITH THIS stage. I have the comics for Sparks Nevada and Beyond Belief, and while those do a lot to help take away the sting of loss, and I will probably get subscriptions for both formats of them... I don't want to lose the voices of the characters.

So unlike with most podcasts, this one won't be left to languish in my podcast feed for the rest of eternity, in a forsaken hope that some day the episodes will just start up again... in this case, I will start over and re-listen. Because not listening again might do mental damage. :)

I do look forward to the future releases of as yet unreleased things. The creators have already said that will happen at random times, but even that can't last forever.

Goodbye Thrilling Adventure Hour. It was too short, and you will be sorely missed. Thanks for the laughs, because trust me, I needed that. And know that right now, I hate you for making me ugly cry.

(and just as a side note, the long delay in posting? yeah, my laptop croaked harder than a toad in rainy season. I'm still trying to get the replacement all set up, and struggling to see if any of my data was recoverable. Because I was right in the middle of writing one of the papers for school when it died. So keep your fingers crossed that I can actually get at least that paper recovered.)

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