Saturday, October 3, 2015

An upside is generally there

The first happy thing?

I got the evaluation results from my paper that I turned in on Monday. I got the results on Wednesday, I think it was....

The evaluator said that it was an outstanding paper that was well thought out and articulated. I'm so thrilled I don't even have words. I'm working on my last paper now, so here's hoping I can do even half as well.

So that was definitely an upside to both the work on the paper and the waiting for the evaluation.

I spent about another hour today working on the Icelandic fleece. It's definitely going to take a lot of time to work through. But the fiber will be worth it, definitely. I do definitely seem to be mildly allergic to something either in the fleece or the lanolin. I know I'm not allergic to fleece, but I also know I have a sensitivity to raw lanolin, so I am careful to make sure that I don't rub my eyes and that I wash my hands really well.

The upside to the fleece processing? I can do it on my own schedule, and even if I do just a half hour or an hour... whatever length of time I spend cleaning the fiber, it's a quiet job and gives me time to just think.

Today's thought was about dogs. This apartment complex, which says NO DOGS has more dogs than my condo complex did. And the condos DID allow dogs. It's kind of disappointing. Not in the complex, specifically, but in people. They are playing a loophole in the ADA laws that says that if they claim that their animal is a service animal, whether it is or not, then they get to keep it.

The thoughts went even more basic than that.

The guy downstairs from me is one of the dog owners. The main issues I have with him (or anyone here owning a dog) is that the dog is not trained very well. It barks at everyone, and often charges across the patio and jumps up on a stump so it can holler at people. The dog also barks in the house, barks in the middle of the night, barks in the morning, etc. The dog also uses the patio as a bathroom when the owner doesn't take him out. This last one I can forgive, the owner does clean up after the dog regularly.

Now don't get me wrong. I love dogs. I grew up with dogs, and would dearly love to have a dog of my own. When I'm not working 12 hours a day and am not home for that much time or more. My issue is NOT with dogs. It's not even actually with dogs in apartments. It's with owners who do not respect other people. Much like parents who do not train their kids. Dogs should be taught when barking is acceptable, and why. Owners should not allow their dogs to just bark for no reason, or to bark at things like vacuum cleaners. Owners should also stop their dogs when the dogs are barking at neighbors who are in their own apartments.

And a final concern? dogs should be fixed. And by 1 year of age? DEFINITELY should be fixed.

All of these are personal opinions, and I get that. But personal or not, opinions are still valid.

I like having an hour or whatever to just think about things. I might have more trouble if this heavy breeze keeps up, though.

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