Monday, April 11, 2016

Still not dead

I feel like it some of the time. :)

I'm just super busy.

I managed to pass my Business communications class. That one wasn't so hard. I've done business communication for years.

The macro economics is being more difficult, and I have a class on Global Business that I took the pretest for (before studying anything) and while I didn't pass, I didn't fail by much. So I'm honestly not super concerned about that one.

Tomorrow is 80% study, and 20% house keeping.

I really need to get the front room picked up and vacuumed, the kitchen needs to be tidied and the dishwasher run. And of course, there is the ever present laundry pile.

School is still my biggest focus and I don't talk to many people because most of my time is either at work or doing school stuff.

I had some guy over chat at work who was hitting on me and just would not give it up. I told him that I don't do anything except work and school, and apparently this meant that I should have vast amounts of time in which to text or snapchat. Yeah, no.

Anyway, it's time to call it a night, so I'll see you guys again when I have another breathing moment during schoolwork.

I'm tentatively hoping to take the pretest for one of my classes again either at the end of the week or some time next week. With luck, passing and scheduling the final.

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