Sunday, May 29, 2016

Meant to post earlier, kind of went lazy crazy


I passed! I passed!

I am actually super excited this time because I really seriously wasn't sure that I would. I passed the pretest in a narrower margin than I like for the Macroeconomics, and I never did pass the pretest for the Business Globalization class.

But I passed both finals. The Macroeconomics, was closer than I like, but I passed, which is the important part. The Business class? That final I knocked out of the park! I scored an 83% on that one, and that's a really high score for that class. So I'm super happy with myself.

And I celebrated by going to the super bargain market (where everything is definitely not as good for you as elsewhere because so much of it is processed) and I bought a loaf of bread, some peanut butter, 2 red bell peppers and 2 tiny onions. Yup, party animal here.

I then came home and spent the rest of my weekend trying to find the kitchen under the piles of crap that were in there. Still not 100% successful there, still working on it. It's what happens after nearly 5 weeks or doing nothing but working and studying, and barely doing the absolute minimum of chores.

I was then going to post yesterday, but ended up watching movies all day. I watched Inside Out, and Crimson Peak, and Hotel Transylvania 2, and Home. And I really enjoyed all of them. It was a very pleasant day. I refused to fuss about chores (but I did finally get a chance to run the dishwasher) and I didn't fuss about online stuff. I just relaxed, watched movies, painted my fingernails, and cuddled the rotten cat (don't get me started because he is still often in the doghouse.)

This week is a funky schedule because of the holiday, which we don't get as a holiday. And the behavior of the company for this holiday? BEYOND appalling.

I need to continue my job hunting because this is getting worse nearly daily. Serious. We've been told that we (the reps of the department) are the reason that our budget is gone. We don't get to say how the budget is used, so it can't be US that used up the reduced budget. We're regularly told that we are stupid, that we are bad reps, and that we don't know what we are doing. We've had our jobs threatened, and they regularly tell us that we need to lie on their internal satisfaction survey or they will never hire more people and we will all be fired. (Which is at least partially BS because they can't fire us like that, the (mostly useless) union contract actually says they cannot.) They just "re-orged" and the director of another department told his department over and over that they were fine, no worries, no worries, no one is going anywhere. Then it changed to a few people will be let go, but it's totally performance... then it became performance and budget... and then it was "so long, see ya, you're all being laid off".

I've heard this song and dance before. I've heard it from multiple companies. And every time, EVERY TIME, they start the "we're all fine" song and dance, you need to start taking stuff home and finding a new job ASAFP. Because your job is being outsourced.

So on my one day off this week, I will be spending at least half of it looking for jobs, sending out resumes, and updating my profile on resume portals.

In other news, I now have a new nephew (new being about 3.5 months now.) I am also still working on the baby blanket for said nephew. It's definitely late, but it's going. I'm almost half done and I'm on the faster part now. And I have more time for knitting!

Since I have to go make my lunch, feed the cat, and get ready for work... I'll leave you with a picture of my fingernails that I painted. Because I'm awfully proud of the job I did. :)

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