Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Monday!

I'm working on new items right now! I have one piece called Winter's Fire & Ice that is a crystal pendant with red and yellow beads.

I also have Winter's Kiss being worked on which is a white-on-white piece being made for a challenge.

And for knitters and other yarn workers: A friend of mine does hand-dyed yarns. She's got a raffle going on currently.


GRAND PRIZE: 4 skeins of merino wool dyed by me!
2nd Prize: 1 skein of merino wool dyed by me!
If I sell more than 50 tickets, I'll add another "2nd prize."

Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5!
paypal to maialaia @ yahoo .com
(Make sure to check off "GOODS" so there will be a shipping button when you win!)

Raffle Ends midnight the 18th of December, so that yarn will get there by Christmas/Yule (sorry other-holiday-celebrators).

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