Monday, December 15, 2008

Okay, that's weird...

I SWEAR I put up a post yesterday. I swear I did. But it is not here now.

Today was one of my most productive days in ages. I cleaned up the kitchen and rearranged, and unpacked a few more boxes.

And then I cleaned up my beading area, and spent time working on clay molds and then making some new necklaces.

I have 2 necklaces not listed yet, since they are weighted so they will straighten out. They should be uploaded in a couple of days.

However, I did get 4 other necklaces made today and uploaded. If I do say so myself, they are all pretty spectacular.

I think my favorite is the pair of Nomad necklaces. I have a Blue Ocean Nomad Necklace and Black and White Nomad Necklace. They are lovely and did not take too long, maybe an hour?

Now I just have to hope that someone will want them. :)

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