Friday, December 5, 2008

wrappings and packaging

So I got some feedback that perhaps I should package things even more nicely than I do. This came from a couple of people, so I am thinking about it.

Currently, I ship everything in a gift box (I have to find bigger gift boxes for some of my hair sticks, since they are too long for my normal boxes.) However, my shipping charges do not include the cost of the gift boxes, or the mailing envelopes. Literally, the $5 shipping ONLY covers the priority mail shipping cost.

However, I have updated my shop policies, and added a snippet to all of my listings saying that everything is shipped Priority and within 2 days, and that gift wrapping is available.

I have red and green wrapping available, for the holidays, don't you know. :)

And now I have phone calls to make, and then I want to finish up the gold necklace that I have laid out on the board.


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