Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In progress

Well, I promised to finally get a picture of my work bench after it was tidied up. :) Here you can see the fabulous toolbox I picked up recently. It was inexpensive and works GREAT for beading. And you can see a pile of completed projects that were just waiting for for my boxes to arrive.

There's a bead board there in the corner that has a project on it. The project should be completed tomorrow or Friday and will listed on my Etsy store in a couple of days.

But now, I'm afraid that I am being distracted by the wonderful smells of dinner from the kitchen, so this post will be very short! :)

1 comment:

jpam1966 said...

awesome workspace "raven" ;-) i still can't find mine. what's the tool in the bag from beadworks? looks like a cool measuring device (i drool for tools!)