Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Well, that hasn't worked as planned.

You ever have one of those days where you try to get things done and only 1 or 2 things go the way they are supposed to? Yeah, I'm having one of THOSE days.

I did manage to get my paperwork printed out for my meeting tomorrow, however, now the printer is complaining about it's ink cartridges, and the other printer can't be hooked up to cover for it. And my jewelry doesn't want to get made, literally, I tried to open a jump ring and it squirted out of my pliers like a watermelon seed.

So I am going to take a little break, and go buy some new ink cartridges. Because I need them. And maybe going outside will make me feel more like taking another stab at creating more jewelry tonight. I have several things on the list to be made, and 6 or so items that need to get photographed and uploaded.

But we're going to take a breather right now, before I break things. (It's not really that bad, it's just a whole bunch of little things going wrong all at once.)

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