Saturday, January 10, 2009

Doing well now

Got some of my finances straightened out which is very nice. My mother sent me money which I used to get some gift certificates for my bead supplies.

I got 4 more necklaces made and uploaded to Etsy. You can see them listed on my main shop page. They are the top 4 items under the featured items.

I have some more photography to do. I have several hatpins which need to be re-photographed, and perhaps Monday I will get more jewelry made. For now, it's cold and I am going to go knit, which is a much warmer hobby than dealing with chain, beads, and pliers. :)

In case you don't want to go see the etsy page, here are 2 of the necklaces I made. The left one is called Swallowing Darkness and the one on the right is Drops of Color.

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