Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm still here, it's just been really busy

I was doing a lot of job hunting activities and that had to take priority over jewelry making, sadly.

It would be wonderful if someday my jewelry could support me, but I really like it as a hobby for now.

I am running short on chain, so I am going to be slow about new creations until I get more chain. I have a couple of pieces that are slowly being worked on that do not call for chain, so the store won't be totally devoid of new items. ;)

I am also going to be focusing some more on unpacking and trying to put things away around my house. That way I can have more room for my jewelry creation.

I did get a whole bunch of new hat pins photographed and they are being uploaded today. I'm stll working. But it will be a bit slower for a couple of weeks.


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