Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Soon... sooon I can feel productive again!

I placed my order which included new chain, since I am now out of chain.

Darn chain. :)

Yesterday was my birthday, so there was no jewelry making. Instead, I spent the day playing video games on my DS and going to the house of some friends for dinner.

Today I will be doing some planning for jewelry, and some wire-wrapping in preparation for getting my chain from the supplier.

Today is freezing cold again, and there is intermittent snow around town. I have errands to run, since I forgot to add eyeglass holders to my last order. So I am going to stop at a bead store during errand running today and pick up a few. I have a request for some eyeglass chains.

So I have 2 rosaries to make as soon as the bead order gets here, and a bracelet extension to make. And 2 eyeglass chains with beads and bobbles. :)

As soon as that is done, I get to move on to new jewelry creations. :) Woohoo!

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