Friday, January 30, 2009

Apparently today is not the day

I finally got my beads and findings order. Yay!

I spent over 3 hours today sorting and putting things away properly.

While I put things away, I apparently was losing things as well. My chainnose pliers vanished and I haven't found them yet.

I sorted generic beads away from focal and swarovski beads. I rearranged nearly all of the smaller organizers so that they were more efficiently using space.

All of this is very good, well, except for losing my pliers. :)

I then pulled out the turquoise, pearls, crystal fish, hair sticks, and antiqued gold jump rings and head pins.

First project was to be a new pair of hairsticks called "Gone Fishing". They are dark wood hairsticks with an 8mm Lapis Lazuli bead on the end. Dangling from the bead are 2 lengths of delicate silver chain. I placed blue-dyed freshwater pearls in the chain lengths, and quartz crystal fish on the ends of the chains. So they have a look sort of like fishing poles with fish on the line and delicate drops of water clinging to the line.

That was the image I was going for. So I was very happy that those turned out as well as they did.

It took me 3 times as long as it should have to make those. My hands were shaking so much that I was having trouble with the wire wrapping and the jump rings. I don't really know why they were shaking, but I moved on to trying to make a bracelet extender that was ordered by a friend.

I managed that as well, but still had similar problems, so I decided that perhaps today is not a good day to try to make jewelry.

I think that my blood sugar is too low, and that's why my hands are shaking. So I am getting dinner made and we shall see if that makes things better. And tomorrow I need to make sure that I eat more regularly, and then I can try to do more jewelry. :)

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