Monday, February 2, 2009

Today is a good day for window shopping

I have some knitting commissions to finish. One is a scarf for a friend to give to her sister-in-law. That will go with the afghan that I knitted a while ago.

I had someone else ask for a plain scarf. That's possible to do as well. And fast. The scarf for my friend's sister in law is a lace pattern, so it's a bit slower. The next one may be just a plain knit stitch which is very fast.

I have 4 beading commissions to get made.

And then I got distracted... :)

I started this post at 11am today.. and now it is 12 hours later and I just realized that I had not finished.

I have 4 beading commissions to do, and with a couple of days free, I can get them done very quickly.

And now off to find clothes for tomorrow and then to bed!

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