Friday, April 3, 2009

Finally better!

Wow, it took FOREVER to get over the plague this time!

But I am finally over it and back to the jewelry bench. :)

I'm a bit slower than I was before, but that's not really shocking, given how long I was down.

However, I have gotten new items going. I got a beautiful little agate cabochon from a friend, and I was going to wrap that in sterling and put it on a sterling chain... however I can't find my soft sterling. I found my full hard, and 1/2 hard, but those are good for the frames, not so good for the winding bits. :D

So it got wrapped in silverplate. I then cut black wire for a green and black stone I found.... and mis-measured, so the wire wasn't long enough. So that got put onto a nifty black and grey donut I found. I try to make sure even mis-cut wire doesn't go to waste!

I have a new bracelet made with copper wire and these great multicolor beads that my sister picked up for me in Nigeria. I have more beads, this time from Ghana, on their way to me this weekend! Woohoo! Since I can't travel anywhere at the moment (lack of funds), at least my sister is willing to shop for me when she is out and about. :)

I will post pictures when I get them taken and uploaded.

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