Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tomorrow is jewelry day and Marketing day!

Yesterday was definitely ... interesting.

My friend Elaine reminded me in a round-about way to create the fliers to go to the local Sci-Fi convention.

So I got all of my fliers designed, and laid out. And then had issues with saving and printing. But after nearly 3 hours, I finally had about 60 fliers ready to go to the convention, and a chunk of business cards as well.

So marketing is proceeding apace. :)

I have a lead on a kiln for precious metal clay, for use, I can't afford to buy one at this point. But at least this way I can buy precious metal clay and make some things in silver that I have been making in clay for a while.

Tomorrow will be spent doing some more work on house cleaning and jewelry working. The reason I am still including house cleaning, is because I have a TON of hair sticks in a box somewhere. I want to make some more hair sticks, but I need my hair stick kit!!

I also have some new ideas for some more jewelry pieces, that I want to work on.

Got my taxes done and will be getting just enough money in a refund that I can spare a little bit for some new jewelry supplies.

Yay for new supplies!

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