Saturday, April 25, 2009

It wasn't quite as productive as I wanted...

We had an event locally today, where I had hoped to get some stuff, and contacts.

It was a sheep shearing/craft fair. I got to talk to some other spinners which was very nice, but I was with a 6 year old who decided to get sulky after about 30 minutes when she found out that she wasn't going to be given anything she wanted.

I was hoping to get some new contacts for my spinning and knitting, and there was someone doing some interesting pin braiding that I would have loved to get more information on. That would have been a great addition to jewelry. Especially since I have my spindle and I still have a few ounces of roving that I could spin into a fine thread for some jewelry.

Oh well. I am going to email some people to see if I can get more roving locally. If you know of a place that sells roving relatively cheaply, let me know!

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