Tuesday, June 30, 2009

300% successful yarn dye test! Oh my, it is lovely!

Look! LOOK!! It is SO beautiful! It looks like a waterfall trapped in yarn! This is 1 ounce of rayon ribbon yarn that I wound into a center pull ball, soaked in vinegar and water, then dyed in roughly thirds with Jacquard brand dye in blue, green, and purple. I added a hint of green to the blue and a hint of blue to the purple. But the green I left alone. This was the result:

I also did a 4 ounce hank of fingering weight merino wool/bamboo that I left dry before adding the dye. That took the dye beautifully as well.

Both of these were done in the oven and not in the microwave. I like the way the dye takes much better this way. I don't have the large white spots in between the colors. This looks much better blended.

I have 1 last batch of yarn in the oven currently. I have a crocheted gauge swatch that I am dyeing after crocheting, and I have it's originating ball that I dyed in the same way as the one in the picture above.

I don't know yet, what I will do with the wool/bamboo one. It's so pretty that I just want to pet it for a while. But it's still wet, so that has to wait until it is dry. :)

Everything is done. Looks lovely. I will photograph things tomorrow. It's late now and I have paperwork to finish before tomorrow morning. And tomorrow will come very early.

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