Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's only been 2 days? Really?

It doesn't seem possible to have only been 2 days.

Tuesday and Wednesday were both spent running errands with my friend Trina. I need to find a large pot for dyeing yarn and roving. I haven't found one yet. I may go with oven or crock pot if I can't find anything else. I forgot to pick up vinegar on Tuesday, so I had to get it yesterday. Yay for Costco! I got 2 gallons for $4.

I was invited to dinner both nights which is very nice. I wish they ate more vegetables, since I eat significantly more veggies than they do normally. Oh well. I will make do, like I always do. :)

I got some lovely rainbow Chard yesterday from Trina. Her family won't eat it. I am going to chop it up tonight and make enchiladas with Chard in them. I think it will be a very tasty dinner.

Trina also brought me a bag and a half of fruits and veggies today. I have some peaches, 2 eggplants, 3 or 4 small summer squash, some green peppers which I won't use. I really do not like the taste of green peppers. Trina also brought me several prepared salads. So I ate salad for lunch! Yum!

Now that all that is finished up, I am going to go fill up the tea kettle and get boiling water going. Once I have that, I am going to set yarn twists and hang the yarn to dry.

I also need to wind undyed yarn into balls so that I can finish up my gauge swatches. (Stupid tangled yarn! :) Once the swatches are finished, then I am going to do some test dyes on the swatches as well as some strands of yarn. I want to see if I like it better crocheted up and then dyed, or dyed first and then crocheted.

I also want to get the recycling out and get at least 2 more boxes unpacked today. I am feeling the need to hurry since I have a prize available if I clear out enough room by the end of July... :)

Tonight I am going to watch a movie and work on some new necklaces. For now, I am going to go get some more water. I'm thirsty. :)

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