Tuesday, June 23, 2009

working working, whoops!

So today was... interesting...

It's late now, I'm trying to finish up so I can go to bed. I ended up getting up because my phone's alarm went off. Weird... Don't remember setting it, but okay... Got computery stuff done, blocked some spam bots on Twitter, checked Etsy for the flyer that I am waiting for. Got Animal Crossing done. Got the dishes done, lunch made, phone interview done, brownies in the oven, and finally settled down to try to finish plying the new handspun yarn. Couldn't control the bobbins on their own, so I whipped together a quick Lazy Kate to hold them for me. Plying, plying, pl-PTOING! Dang it. Hematite bead snapped off the plying thread and shot across the room... Back to plying, plying, ply-PTOING.... crap. Slowed down the plying, doing better... much better! I get several yards on with the beads intact. BZZZZZZ...Buzzer for the brownies went off, I jumped and dropped what I was doing to go rescue the brownies. They were SO not done. Stuck them back in the oven, got back to the spinning wheel and realized that jumping is what caused my horrible problems last time too.

My plying thread and the yarn are so tangled up that I can't separate them without at least 2 more hands, and preferably 4 more. Snapped the yarn, beads shot EVERYWHERE. Gave up on that for the night. What's sad is that I was nearly finished with that. Next time, I will have to have 2 lazy kates, one on each side so the yarn and thread are not right next to each other.

On the other hand, this is definitely smoother going than previously, so it will continue to smooth out. Soon I will (hopefully) be spinning the super fine yarn threads that I want to be spinning and then I can ply those with beads or not and then use them in my jewelry creation!

As it is, the fuschia (pink) will be used to probably make a keyhole scarf or something like that. Probably for the 6 year old. I can't stand pink. She adores it. :) But I might need to find someone else to take it, since she got the bag that I crocheted and I should make sure that others have the chance to get stuff too. :)

I am also working on a pearl illusion necklace still. There will be more of that tomorrow and wednesday. Part of tomorrow will be spend testing my dyes for yarn and roving. Should be fun. Of course if it rains, I won't be dyeing the yarn, because I need to do that outside. But as long as it doesn't rain, I'm going to get messy tomorrow! Woo!

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