Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Week 2 and a jewelry show done

Week 2 of my job has started. Still going well. And this week, finally, I expect to be able to get back to my jewelry and spinning. Tonight, I will be catching up on my Animal Crossing, but tomorrow I intend to put away the new beads, and sort the jewelry left over from the Belly Dance festival over this last weekend.

That was exciting. Medfest happens in the middle of July every year here in Seattle. It's always a lot of fun, and I usually go and socialize with a lot of friends I don't get to see all that often.

This time I decided to actually bring jewelry with me, since I am still trying to make ends meet until my paychecks finally start kicking in. So I had my display tree, and about 95% of all the completed stock.

I didn't sell all that much, but from what I saw, most people were not buying very much at all this year, so I was thrilled to just break even. Of course, now I have to untangle and unpack all the jewelry left over. :)

But I will do that tomorrow and get it all stored away again. I have some pieces that friends wanted to buy, so those did not go to the show, and 1 that I found was not as well maintained as I had thought, so that one will actually be taken apart and remade. Yes, I will actually do that. I know, I'm weird. I have some new pieces to make as soon as all the rest of the chores are done, and I even have a couple of items that are requested to be on hold for people from Medfest.

The store is currently in Vacation mode, still, but I am going to turn it back on as soon as I am done with this entry.

I gave my exploded hippy roving to my friend Janice as booth rental... :) She's thrilled. I did give her the fire as well, but ended up stealing that back so I could have something to spin, since I didn't bring enough roving with me for me to spin. Long Story...

I have some more roving dyed at home. It's called Midnight. It's purple and black, with bits of white peeking through. The purple and black both had a wonderful wicking effect where there is tons of blue streaking through the fibers. But there was no blue dye put on the wool.

I need to order more roving, and I am going to start investigating some other fibers as well.

I also need to wind the ribbon yarn into a ball so that I can start work on the hip scarf. Sadly, that did have to take second fiddle to Medfest. But it will be done tonight and then I can start work tomorrow or Thursday. It won't take long, crochet is pretty quick. Then I can dye it and get things attached.

Tonight on the way home, I will be stopping at one of the local bead stores so that I can see if I can find some items that I had purchased before. I have a request for a similar piece to one that was sold. I make no promises in that case, but I said I would try.

Besides, then I can look for some more large beads for bead wrapping. :)

I also need to look up my bank and see if there is a branch near work so I can deposit a check. I had a request from a coworker for charms. I showed her a selection, and she bought about 10 or so. So I have $22 in my pocket. Which will end up going back into bead purchases. :) ( I always have to be careful, since there is always the 2 year old mentality of NO! MINE!!)

But other than that, not much going on. I will be dyeing some more roving into exploded hippy this week. I am thinking that I am going to divide up the ball of roving just like I did before into one 8 oz bump and two 4 oz bumps and dye the 8 oz into exploded hippy and the 4 oz into other colors. I really liked how the Fire spun up, now I need to get it heat set and photographed. I might even offer it in my Etsy store just as an aside. I still prefer the jewelry, but serious, I have TONS of yarn. And I find that I really love the spinning part, and the knitting/crocheting part is less of what I want to do right now. Ah well. It will all work out.

And now, I am off to turn on the store, then shower and head to work.

Have a good day everyone!

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