Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An update with pictures!

So I promised pictures soon. And I still haven't gotten pictures of my stitch markers taken. I was going to, and then my camera battery died. And instead of getting one of the other cameras, I just tossed in the towel for that evening.

But I have a quick, seat of the pants picture of a pendant that was special ordered a little while ago.

See? Here is it:

I was trying to recreate Obsidian Heart, but the wire, my fingers, and my subconscious apparently didn't want to cooperate. So it because Obsidian Spirals.

But it's beautiful and I love it.

In yarny crafts, I was making a scarf for someone, but didn't know who. It has been mostly claimed by the 6, soon to be 7, year old, Talia. The probelm I ran into? I got about 18 inches into the scarf and hated it. Absolutely hated it. Hated the pattern, hated the yarn in the pattern, hated it all. So I ripped it all out. Then I started a second variation. Hated that too. Ripped it out, tried a third variation. Still with the hate. (I'm just a hater, apparently.) So I went looking for a different pattern. Found one for fishnet lace. I like it better. But I am thinking that a 6, nearly 7 year old isn't the best choice for a fishnet lace scarf.

So I am going to rip the whole thing out (AGAIN) and start over (AGAIN!). However, I think this time I want to do something that will be textured, but not lacy. And I am thinking that a ruffled scarf might be a better option. So I am going to go looking for scarf patterns, and it might end up crocheted instead of knit.

I am almost 30 inches done with the hipscarf for my friend MissD. I am getting so close, I want to hurry hurry, and that would be terrible. When I hurry, that's when I make mistakes. I hurried with the scarf and dropped a stitch and had to tear out 2 inches just to get back to a place I could pick up the stitches. I hurried with the hipscarf before and had to tear out 12 inches. Not gonna do that again.

This weekend I am working at the zoo on Saturday instead of Sunday, so Sunday will be spent doing laundry and jewelry and maybe a movie. :)

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