Saturday, March 20, 2010

Look at that, another update in under a week!

I'm as shocked as anyone. :)
So after my happiness with the pendant from the last post, I have been hurrying to try some other things. I worked last night for about 2 hours on pendants. I picked up a HUGE number of rocks (semi-precious stones) and have been working with those.
I found 1 more chunk of labradorite that was worked this morning, and I found a LARGE number of labradorite granite beads. They are all diamond shaped beads, the smallest are the size of a quarter, the larger are about twice that size. They are silver and black, which is FASCINATING. I also got some composite green stones, and several different types of jasper, and some low grade amethyst. I also got some great black either agate or another jasper, I don't know which. But it's super shiny and lovely.

So last night I worked on several different pendants, and I find myself drifting more towards my previous style of simplistic wrapping. And I tried a more traditional wrap job and was forcibly reminded that I haven't done those in a VERY long time and I need more practice. It turned out okay, but I still obviously need more practice again.
Then this morning I ventured WAY outside my comfort area and worked with sterling silver wire to make 2 pendants. 1 turned out quite nicely, in my opinion, and the other turned out good, but a bit more busy than I wanted. I need a clearer vision in my head of what I want to do with a piece when I work with sterling. It's too expensive to screw up with regularly.

On to pictures! I will work some more on jewelry today and then get out the photo tent tonight for high quality pictures. But for now, this will be fine. :)

Last night's work: 7 of the 8 pendants that were made (#8 is on the other side of the house and I didn't feel like getting up to get it. :)
They aren't THE BEST IN THE WORLD, but they are not bad for now. I like them well enough and I am sure others will find them enjoyable.

This morning's work is here:

The black one was wrapped with dead soft sterling. I think it is WAY too busy, and I may still decide to take it apart, smooth out the wire and start over. The other one, the labradorite, was done with half hard wire, so it will actually hold its shape pretty well. Not if someone tries to crush it, but the occasional drop shouldn't do much if any damage to it. I like how it turned out. The stone has GREAT flash all across the face (not that you can see that from the picture), and the wire frames that very nicely. I like the wire going down the outside, it is very reminiscent of lightning. That pendant I am pretty happy with.

Things I learned this time around:
  1. MAKE SURE to have a clear vision of what you want to do with wire before cutting sterling for a pendant.
  2. If you are not sure, DON'T DO IT. Or use the tinned copper wire first to see if you like it.
  3. I definitely need to go back to practicing my wire wrapping, traditional style.
  4. 20 gauge sterling isn't the same size as 20 gauge anything else, so we need to go to a store and buy the wire in person. WHICH MAKES ME MAD!
  5. I need to buy tool magic if I am going to work frequently with color coated wire.
and lastly:
  1. I had forgotten how much I missed and enjoy making JEWELRY. Not stitch markers, or the bare jewelry for those. But actual pendants and whatnot that take some thought.
And now, I am off to get the bird fed, and me fed, and then hit the library and the grocery store. Then back here to get work done on more jewelry.

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