Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Well that was short-lived

So I was going to work on listing things this past weekend.

And then Saturday came along with its overly tempting Streaming Netflix Disk for the Wii.

And I succumbed. I ended up setting up the streaming Wii and watching movies and tv shows for most of the day. And knitting and cuddling the cats... and getting nowhere on the listing process.

I think I got 1 new item listed in the last two weeks. And then failed to continue. I shall have to work on that soon.

Like perhaps this weekend. :D

I have new stuff, and I even have pictures. I just need to get them listed.

But not tonight. Tonight is bed time. It's almost 11 and I really meant to be in bed an hour ago. You'll notice that I am still typing... and trust me, it's not from the bedroom. LOL

Ah well. I have been testing out some new stitch marker designs, and I think I have a better way to do the stitch markers on the flexible wire, so if I get home early tomorrow, I will have to try it out and see.

In the meantime, I am off to sleepyland.

Night everyone!

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