Friday, April 30, 2010

And 3 weeks go by

It's been a busy time. I have several new things that I need to post and fees that I need to pay to Etsy. But I have a custom order to do and some new shinys to make and sell.

I am trying to avoid spending any more money than necessary, but things keep cropping up.

Today started out poorly with things getting dropped all over my shirt and feet. But at lunchtime the day finally picked up. I went to lunch with my realtor and that was very pleasant. We chatted and he is very proud of how much I am learning about fixing things in my house. He then told me that he thinks he can find me a piece of plastic for my fridge. (To move my fridge, not to put in my fridge.) He was properly appalled at the stories of what I have found in my appliances (strapping tape) and he said he might be able to help me find a replacement dishwasher and possibly even a new refrigerator.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a day of spinning and crafts, but if the weather doesn't rain me out, then I need to head to the zoo to see the raptor show so I can figure out my cues for the show. However, if it rains, then I am staying home. Until the afternoon anyway. :)

Tomorrow is the first day of the Redmond Saturday Market (Farmer's Market), and one of the people I know vends there selling alpaca fiber. She is bringing some yarn for me to buy and bringing me a crockpot for dyeing in. And I will probably buy some other fibers from her for spinning. :)

But for now, I need to go and grab the overly expensive bag of beads for the custom order. But should be fun!

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