Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Really, I'm going to do better!

I'm going to rearrange a few things in my life to see if I can make it a far more regular thing to post here. Right now, everything's been all weird.

(In fact, this morning there was a young banana slug crossing my carpet and my older cat was sitting right in front of it going "oooooh, what are you ? You're NEAT!" I love my cats, but they are odd.)

Anyway, Revamping everything is going to take about a month. So the end of next week, on the 17th (or thereabout) the store will be closing for a while so that I can rephotograph, and rename, and rewrite descriptions, etc.

I will also be expanding my stock. I am going to add more Photographs, and I am going to start adding in Yarn and Fiber as well as knitting/crocheting accessories.

If you have had your eye on something in the store, please don't wait to purchase it! Or at least contact me to purchase it! Prices will also be changing, and if you want an item for its current price, get it now. :)

And now, before I go and do morning chores, have a look at my morning visitor! Isn't it pretty? (I actually do think that banana slugs are very striking.)

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