Thursday, July 15, 2010


Just a very quick update, since I am super busy right at the moment.  But I feel bad because I haven't been updating like I had planned.

Medfest is this weekend and it is the only time I vend jewelry in person.  So I am working super hard to get items finished, priced, packed and ready to go to Medfest.  I want everything priced and packed by Friday night.  Whether that will happen?  Who knows.  :)

I have finally finished my first Sinister Kisses necklace, and the girl who saw it thinks it is WONDERFUL.  I have the first of the super spiffy Sinister Kisses done, but it's not 100% done.

I also have 2 models who are willing to parade around Medfest with some of my jewelry on.  :D

For now, I am needing to finish up the ends and chain on 17 Sinister Kisses, the parts that need sewing can be done either at work while I update things and wait for the database queries to happen, and/or I can work on them at the booth at Medfest.

I also want to get some more earrings done and if I have time, I want to get at least a few more sets of stitch markers done on crochet friendly rings.

And now I am going to get back to work!

(Oh, and just so you know I know...  no pictures of Sinister Kisses until AFTER Medfest!  Secrets!)

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