Monday, July 19, 2010

Done for another year

Well, Medfest is done again.  And it was a BUSY weekend.  Lots of fun, but heavy duty stress as well.  Not necessarily in a bad way, but I am looking forward to a few days at home. 

I did not do as well as I had hoped, but I did better than last year. 

Here's a picture of my section of the booth:

I bought several more displays to use since height and variety all help to attract attention to your items.

I don't think that I like the post style displays.  I don't think they are effective.  The tree display catches people's attention better.  The posts will be fine for displaying only 1 or 2 necklaces, but not more.  They will be replaced later.

The earring display that is over on the far left side is my most favorite purchase display wise...  It holds TONS of earrings, it folds up, and you can leave the earrings on it when you fold it up.  I am so enamoured by it!  It won't work for my photography as well, but that's why I have the little curly earring stand.  The displays will mostly stay packed up with the other "show" stuff like the cashbox, and the shopping bags.  But 3 of the center displays will come out and stay with me.  Actually 5, now that I think about it.  3 of the bust styles.  The black, white, and one of the tans.  Those are fantastic for photos since they give the pieces some definition and drape.  3 colors since you need contrasting backgrounds to show off the necklaces.  And the hands that are on either side of my business cards will stay out because those will be good for bracelets, rings, and interesting shots with other jewelry.

There are a few Sinister Kisses necklaces in there.  There are 4 laid out in front of the business cards and 1 of the lace ones on a tan bust to the right.  I'll get more pictures up soon.

One other thing I came to a decision on is that I am no longer going to take the ENTIRE stock of inventory with me.  There's too much now.  Last year was borderline.  I didn't have enough displays, or it would have been different.  This year I have too much stock, so most of it didn't get out.  So I need to be more selective about what goes with me.  Take some of the lower priced items, some of the super flashy items, and some of the higher priced items. 

I actually sold more sets of stitch markers than anything else, which makes me snicker.  Those things remain hugely popular.  I did give out plenty of cards, so when the store opens back up on Wednesday or so, I will hopefully get more traffic.

Lots of stuff to think about...

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