Thursday, July 22, 2010

I tried!

I tried to get the store open last night, but failed to even get on the computer.

So I went this morning to pay my Etsy fees first.  And now, even though I have paid them, I continue to see a "You Owe Fees" messages.

I emailed their help, and figured I would open the store in the meantime.  I can open it, but I can't edit any of the items listed.  None.  I just get error after error.

So I gave up and put the shop back in vacation mode until I can get home and try it again.  I also plan to restart the computer and see if that helps.  I have GOT to replace that computer, and sooner rather than later.

If anyone has a decent computer that they are looking to get rid of, and would like to work out a trade or partial trade...  let me know, please!

For now, I will try to deal with the store again tonight and see what happens.  It may be that it will have to wait until Sunday when I will have all day to work on it.

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