Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aah, finally

The store is finally open again.

I had to pare things down for now, since a lot of postings haven't been finished yet, and I need to do a ton of photos to replace ones that I don't like so well or that I don't think represent the items well enough.

And I haven't yet gotten the new fibers and new jewelry up yet.  But it's taken me 3 hours to get the 23 items that are up there certified and groomed.  :)

I'm not that worried.  I have been posting things up there for a couple of years, so I have a lot of items! 

Tomorrow I have work, then I can come home and try to get a few more items updated.  Saturday my mother comes to visit and run errands in Seattle.  So I am going to try to do some pictures on Sunday and get that part done.  I did get the jewelry displays in the house today, so that's nice.  I will get the ones out that need to come be accessible for photos, but all the others will be packed away for next year with the shopping bags, the money box, and the pens/receipt books.

Sunday is looking super busy already, since I need to do laundry, and photos, and clean the house and get the sewing machine out and try to get some mending done.  (I have pants that need mending, and some that need shredding, and I have a box of costumes and such that need mending for the zoo.)

I need to finish the final bits for the hip belt and get that in the mail, and i have jeans that need to be returned from whence they came, and I have kool-aid and food color that needs to be packaged up and sent to Scotland...  and some little stitch markers that need to be invoiced and sent to their new owner.

Okay, that was mostly a list so I know what things I need to do.  I was hoping to get the plants outside as well and perhaps even rearrange the office, but I don't know if that last part will be happening.

For now, it's WAY late and I need to hit the sack.  Sleep well munchkins!

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