Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tired out

So my mom was in town today.  Just briefly, and mostly it was to say hello, go to lunch, go to seattle, drop off some items, pick up a dog, and go home.

It meant that I had to skip spinning today, which made me sad.  I'm very used to getting those few hours once a week so that I can socialize and spin.  I did get a few rows of knitting done at the Vet's office.  My older cat, Willow, had to go to the vet because she spent all of last week sounding more like a goose than a cat.  The poor baby is still horribly congested, but she has antibiotics for the next week or so.  She doesn't like them, but tough. 

I took a sock to work on while I was there, since the shawl is something that really needs to be worked on in one place where I have a table or something else to put my pattern clipboard on.  A single sock is perfect for traveling.  That brings my current knitting projects up to 4.  I have the shawl, the neverending scarf, the pair of socks at work, and the single sock that I worked on today. (Okay, technically I also have the scrap squares, but those don't count.  :)

Tomorrow, since I am not working at the zoo, will be spent doing photos for the shop and perhaps some wool dyeing.  I have the big bag of wool, and some alpaca, and a few other types of fibers that could all use dyeing.  I am thinking that perhaps some roving dyed and hung out to dry on the patio will be a nice part of the day.

Then photos if I can do them outside with the natural light would be very nice indeed.

But for now, it is 10pm and I am very tired.  So it's off to bed for me.

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