Thursday, July 29, 2010

This week has been downright awful

Just saying that it has been.

It has seemed very much like anything that can go wrong has been doing so with a vengeance.  Murphy's Law on major steroids.

And I know this isn't ACTUALLY true.  It's mostly been small things, but it's been tons of small things piling up on one another.

So here's what we are going to do about it.


Take several deep breaths, and just relax.  I am not going to go anywhere tonight.  Normally I go to my former neighbors house for dinner.  But tonight, I am going to come home and clean something.  It doesn't really matter what, but cleaning something will let me feel more in control of SOMETHING in my life which will help to bring back some solidity and stability.

I have 3 cleaning things that really need to be done very badly.  I need to find the kitchen.  I know it's in there somewhere.  I need to put away all the beads and jewelry items.  I can't do photos or sewing machine things until the beads are put away.  And i need to vacuum.

The most desperate is the kitchen.  And regardless of what else I do today, we are definitely going to work on the kitchen some.  But perhaps after that we can put away some of the bead things and do some photos of fiber to be listed in the store. 

And lastly?  We're going to bed at 10:30 tonight.  Getting enough sleep will also help to bring down the stress levels and make me feel better.

And right now, it's time to go shower and get ready for work.  I don't know why the dryer hasn't buzzed yet, but it will any time now.  We can get through this. 

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