Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The store is back open

Okay, It's up!  Check it out at http://ebonraven.etsy.com

It's still small because I need to rephotograph some things and make sure of stock amounts.  But it's there and it's open.

I spent some time Saturday night and Sunday morning working on some sock knitting stitch markers because one of the ladies in my spinning group wanted Small, Simple Stitch markers for making socks.  This is a sample of each of the sets that I made.  From left to right (ignoring the square on the furthest left) these are: a light teal freshwater pearl on a hammered loop, a green czech glass crystal with aurora borealis colors, a clear and silver faceted crystal, a garnet almost heart, a white freshwater pearl, Russian serpentine, and a czech crystal cut in a spiral pattern.  I just need to get the NICE photos done and get them listed in the store.

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