Monday, June 20, 2011

Well, didn't get my updates done

This weekend just went POOF!

I got some plants from a friend, and got a sunburn at her house too.  :(

I got the plants mostly into pots, some need to be in bigger pots, but I ran out of decent pots and out of potting soil.  I managed to get some errands done on Saturday, and picked up my first CSA box on  Sunday.  Didn't get NEARLY as much accomplished as I wanted/needed to.

We apparently have a sick squirrel in the neighborhood and I spent a lot of time putting out Tabasco and Red Pepper flakes to try to discourage it from coming around my patio again.

I made a lovely salad with items from my CSA box, and then was slammed down into the dumps because my insurance appeal was denied (they brushed me off completely.)  I had asked for an exception, they stuck their nose in a book and said "We followed the rules, piss off and die."  So now I get to start a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner's office, and investigate further into bankruptcy.  I really don't want to file for bankruptcy, I've worked really hard to get my credit rating up to where it is from where it started and I don't want to ruin that with bankruptcy.

So I didn't get out the photo stuff to do pictures of jewelry or stitch markers.  Sorry.

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