Tuesday, August 16, 2011

did some sorting

Okay so I got a lot of sorting done last night.  I found a whole bunch of the little bracelets that i throw in as freebies, and i found some super sparklies that I couldn't decide if I wanted to sell them as they are or take them apart for other things.  I also found nearly 10 pairs of earrings that aren't photo'ed or listed, a handful of necklaces that aren't photo'ed or listed, and about 20 sets of stitch markers that aren't listed yet.

I also found 2 necklaces that I had done as prototypes, but the feedback on them hasn't been super positive.  I'm thinking of redesigning them some.  I really need to contact the person I know who bought one of them and see if she would be willing to try out some of the redesigned ones.  if we found a pattern she liked, I'd update the one she has.

For now, I have gotten a ton of listings back into the store, so we're back at about 90 items available.  I will have a large bill this month, but I'm happy to have stock up there.

I am also having a sale in there.  If there is something you want, use the coupon code "SecretSale" and you'll get 15% off the purchase price.  This will only be good through the 26th or 27th, so don't hesitate too long.  :)

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