Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting down to business

Tonight I'm going to work on jewelry.  Not making it yet, that space still needs more cleaning, but at least sorting through what I still have in stock and getting it listed, even if it is with crappy pictures for right now.

The wool pile is finally sorted out and mostly put away.  I need 2 more plastic tubs to get the last of it put away, but that involves having more space which I don't have.

I've been neglecting the jewelry front for a while.  Ever since the beginning of May, I've been horribly depressed and it is finally starting to break up a little.  I'm not "over" the death of my cat, but it no longer completely and 100% consumes my thought process.  I still get very weepy at the least little thing about her, and I worry because the last 3 days my other cat, Shu, has spent various parts of the day vomiting, which is what Willow did when her downward spiral started.

I'll tell you right now, I don't know that I can handle losing another pet so soon.  I'm working on the hope/thought that it is a hairball and am treating him accordingly.  I don't know how I will afford vet visits if I need to take him in, but I will figure something out. 

Sorting jewelry tonight will let me sit on the couch with a pen, post-its, and the wheelie box and let him drape himself over my lap or shoulders.  I need to run the inventory of what is in stock, and I need to let him feel better by cuddling with me.  These two things are (thankfully) not mutually exclusive.

It will also be good, because I do appear to be fighting a summer bug of some sort and my joints ache, my head hurts, and my tummy is upset.  On the upside of that (what?  There's an upside to illness?)  It's the first time I have felt ill since my tonsils were removed back in March.  Before they came out, I was sick most of the time, and at least every couple of weeks I was down with something.

There will be a store update by Wednesday at the latest, depending on how fast I work tonight I might even get a few things back into the shop.  I'm debating on whether to renew their listings, or remove the listings and start over.  Maybe half and half.

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