Monday, August 1, 2011

Can you drown in wool?

I'm wondering that right at the moment.  I bought 2 sheep fleeces a little while ago, and 1 baby alpaca fleece a long while ago, and I never got around to washing the alpaca.  So I bundled all of them up and took them to the local fiber mill to be washed. 

I also took up all the bits and bobs of wool that I had lying around.  And then all the fleeces that I was given.

I swear I didn't think it was that much.  I really was looking to spin some really soft alpaca and wool so I could add it as an element to some jewelry I have in mind...

yeah...  apparently, that's a big honking piece of jewelry.  The pile of wool that came home with me is about 40 pounds...  to be added to the unknown quantity I already had at home.

Guess I better get to work on that jewelry, huh?  :)

I have a plan!  It involves, dye, cardboard, tulle, beads, wool threads (handspun super fine yarn in this case because I need it to be wool and thin enough to go through the beads.)  And a lot of imagination.  But hopefully I should have a prototype soon.

However it does mean that my being seen out in public is going to be even rarer than it is now.  :D

Depending on the weather, and if I can find the resin, next weekend may be full of making small resin items.  Which would be good as I have plans for them too!  But those are a summer, outside project.  The resin puts off fumes which might kill the bird.

But rest assured, there are plans...

Oh, and if anyone has old sunglasses, the kind with either mirrored or colored lenses?  Specifically the lenses, if you don't want them anymore, I do...  VERY MUCH.

I have (yet another) plan!  And I need mirrored and colored sunglasses lenses.

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