Friday, July 29, 2011

not dead, just horribly horribly busy

The sad thing is that I distinctly remember posting in July and the posts are not here.  :sigh: story of my life it seems.  :)

July was Tour de France and for spinners, Tour de Fleece.  Short version of that is that spinners who want to participate set goals and spin yarn while watching the Tour de France bike race.

I didn't watch the race, but I did spin some!  I also made some more stitch markers and then sold them all before they even got to Etsy.  Hmm.

I spent a lot of time putting more stuff away in the house and making space.  I have a goal that the front room will be unpacked by the end of the year and the dining room/office will be rearranged so it is much more useable.

I have lots of fiber and yarn put away finally (but got some down today and forgot to put it back.  Oops.)

I have a lot of jewelry stuff put away finally.  Of course, now I need to get it back out so that I can work on some new things.

I have also come up with some new ideas for some jewelry that I want to work on.  Now if only I had more time.

My stupid throat continues to heal, and the bills continue to mount up.  I'm trying to keep a handle on it all, but some days it just doesn't work.

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