Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hey! Long time, no see.

My whole life has been all topsy turvy over the last year.  This has really made me take a step back from everything and really think about what do I want in an online presence.

So in an effort to post a bit more, and be a bit more active in my sharing, I'm expanding what sorts of things I blog about.  With any luck, I'll also find an app that will let me blog from my phone as well.  ;)

I had someone ask me a while ago about my blog.  They were somewhat disappointed that it really only covered my jewelry and sometimes mentioned other things.  They said they couldn't imagine me being such a one-dimensional person. 

This made me start thinking about that.  I'm not one-dimensional.  I'm not monogamous with my crafting.  Jewelry isn't the only hobby I have.

I don't clean much.  That's TOTALLY not my hobby (but if it is yours, more power to you.  Want to come clean my house?  ;)

But I cook, and I sew.  I bake and spin.  I knit and crochet.  I make jewelry in tons of different formats.  I do photography for fun and for money.  I've done special effects for stage and film (it was just college film work, but it still counts!)  I've constructed computers from the circuit boards up, and I've been a free-lance computer tech.I've groomed animals, and trained animals.  I volunteer at a zoo, and some say I live in one.

I'm SO not a one-dimensional person.

So I'm going to try to get more in a habit of blogging a bit more about life in general and what sorts of things I do when I am not at work.  Not that I expect this to ever make the front page news, but there are still people out there who might enjoy reading it.

Maybe I'll start out with a post about the sourdough starter that was out to take over the world.  Or maybe I'll talk about the pizza crust that tried to eat Seattle.

We'll see.  :D

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