Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Darn it

I swear, I meant to be better about posting.  I did!!  And then I got distracted and forgot.

On the upside, it's been only about 2 weeks, on the downside...  I still forgot.  :)

I'm going to put a reminder on my calender, I swear.

Let's see...  in the last two weeks....  life's been hectic, you know?

I had lunch with a friend from Ravelry, and I've done some baking.  I finally got pictures of the absolutely BEAUTIFUL teeswater lamb's fleece that I bought sight unseen last summer (technically, I just got my name on it, so that I had first dibs on buying it, but in my mind and budget, I'd bought it.  ;)

See?  Isn't it gorgeous?  It's all curly and shiny.  I can't WAIT to get it home and start spinning it.

I finished spinning some wool and silk blend that I got about 2 years ago.  It wasn't much, it was just 4 ounces, but we had differing opinions as to what it should be spun as.  I like aiming for a nice sock weight yarn.  But this BFL/Silk had other ideas.  It wanted to be lace weight yarn and NOTHING I did would convince it to be sock weight.  So now, I have 4 ounces of a truly lovely lace weight yarn in many shades of blue that is intertwined with a rich golden brown.  Now if only I knit with lace weight yarn more.  ;)

I also spun up some batts that I got in a swap about 2 years ago.  Also in multiple shades of blue, but with streaks of white bamboo instead of the golden brown.  Thankfully, this fiber was much more willing to be spun thicker.  So I spun it into a thick and thin DK weight-ish yarn (It ranges between a really light fingering up to a super light worsted in some sections.  But I like it.)  It is amazingly soft.  I hadn't expected it to be as soft as the finished product is.  When I spun it, some of the fiber felt a bit coarser, and I wasn't sure it would be pleasant to wear near sensitive skin.  But after I plied it up, the 2 ply is super soft, and squishy and bouncy.  Even the sparkly bits aren't problematic.

I baked some cupcakes....  oh, those are wonderful cupcakes.  I love them so much!  I made chocolate cupcakes and then put peanut butter filling in them.  I did some cupboard busting for these, so they aren't from scratch.  I used an old cake mix that needed to be used up before it went south.  And I used store bought frosting for the same reason.  But the peanut butter filling was from scratch. 

I had the craving for the chocolate and peanut butter combination.  And I really wanted cupcakes (okay, I actually wanted CAKE, but since I'd be a little too likely to eat the whole thing way too fast...  cupcakes are a much better option.)  Since I was feeling lazy, I went surfing around the internet looking for recipes for peanut butter filled cupcakes.  There are a metric ton of them out there.

I realized that I didn't want one where you made cupcakes and filled them with peanut butter cream.  A) that's a waste of good cake and b) WAY too much effort since I knew I was going to be using a mix and canned frosting.

But then I found this recipe.  The filling part was perfect.

Even better, when I went to make the filling, I found out that I didn't have a full package of cream cheese, turns out I had used most of it.  I was worried and weighed out what I had left.  It was 2.9 ounces, which is close enough for this.  :)

I mixed up the filling and realized that I hadn't brought home the whole recipe, so after mixing up the ingredients I winged the rest.  But the cupcakes turned out spectacularly.  The peanut butter filling has a very cakey-creamy texture, the flavor is definitely there but not overpowering.  I don't have many left.  But in my defense, I did share with lots of people!  At least 7 people, and one of those people ate 3 of them!  In a row!

Like I mentioned above, I've baked bread, but that's nothing new.  I bake bread about once every two weeks.  I'll describe that another time.  Both the hows and the whys.

For now, I'm going to wander off.  I have a project noodling around in my brain and I want to get it written down and detailed a bit more.

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