Friday, June 22, 2012

And a happy Friday to you!

I love Fridays.  They are often a shorter day for me because I have often put in extra hours during the week and need to keep my total hours under 40.

If I am going to treat myself to a lunch out during the month, it will be on a Friday.  And I like the fact that I can come home after work, get into scrungy clothes and not have to worry about making sure I am in bed by a certain time.

Today was mostly one of those days.  :)

I added a new workout class this morning.  And I was stinky and sticky by the time I was done.  Not in a bad way, except for the one knee that is still REALLY pissed at me about the yoga class.  But still.  Finally got cleaned up and to work and got a not so happy surprise when a HUGE box arrived in the mail.

Let me tell you, I was NOT expecting that box at all.  Threw off all the plans for day.

So I decided to take myself out to lunch.  Partly because it meant that I could take a long walk and partly because it got me away from my desk.  What I had forgotten was that the mall I work at was doing a Sidewalk Arts festival (market) this weekend and it started today.

No big deal, I figured I could wander and see what was there.

Mostly there was nothing of real interest to me.  I think there were 4 or 5 booths I stopped at.  I got cards from all of them, but the super pushy perfume people's card was tossed because seriously, if I say NO, it means NO and I will stab you if you try to push me into buying something.

The one booth that I stopped at twice had the most beautiful things in the entire market (in my opinion.)

This was a guy who grows crystals, and then photographs the crystals through a microscope.  I love how crystals look in the first place, but this guy had such beautiful images that I would have been happy to stand there for hours and look at them.

On my way back to my office, I stopped and bought a set of blank notecards because it had a notecard print of my very favorite piece of his.  And he gave me a list of other places he will be showing around the area for the next few months.

I intend to buy a print of my favorite and then I can frame it and hang it up in my house.

The rest of the week is mostly incidental because this is the only thing I focused on today.  :)

Oh, but I did take apart my drum carder tonight, get it all cleaned and pretty and even put back together!  I feel pretty spiffed about that.  It's adjusted now so it doesn't run into itself when I use it to card wool.  It's not perfect, but it will manage.  I need to oil it again, though.

And did I mention the absolutely gorgeous crystal print? 

yeah, just checking.

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