Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy post Boom-Boom day!

I meant to post last week, I did.  But I was down in Oregon and was super busy.

I went to a Zumba class, that was fun.  Not particularly difficult, but it was very high energy and fun.  I ran around town and got several things done that needed doing and selected a birthday present for my mother.

Now I just need to get all the steps done so she can have her present.  :)

Drove back home and while I CAN drive that without stopping...  oh, it makes my knees hurt.  That's the only drawback I've found to a small car.  I'm not small.  I have long legs and a long torso.  So, since even with the drivers seat as far back as it will go, there's still a lot of pressure against my knees.  That's why I love the train.

I know there is a new service, the BoltBus that will take me from Seattle to Portland for less than the train.

However it's a BUS.  I don't like buses.  They have all the drawbacks of a car and not much in the way of positives. 

I'd really rather pay the extra to take the train.  I love the train.  I take Business Class, so I get to board the train first, and I can get up and walk the length of the train if I really need to stretch my legs.  The train is fast, and not on the road, so no stop lights and better scenery!  :)

And I like that there's a bistro car so that I can go get a bottle of water if I run out or a snack if my snacks disappear.  Or just go take a pile of forks to make into plasticware sculpture!  :D

So last night was the 4th of July.  I noticed that a LOT of the city fireworks have been cut back.  The elevation isn't there, and they were doing a lot more of the low elevation type that you can only see if you are in the front of their crowded viewing areas.  I was at a friend's house, and I watched their little fireworks and took pictures of little fireworks and big fireworks over the trees.

We got buzzed by a Cooper's Hawk out hunting at dusk.  The hawk was in a tail chase after a smaller bird.  The hawk won.  :D

We also got buzzed by several Little Brown Bats.  I love bats, I love their wings and their soft furry bodies.  I don't like listening to them scream at me, though, so I'm glad I don't have to catch them anymore.  :D

Tomorrow is Friday and I will be happy to have it be Friday.  This weekend looks to be a very warm (hot) one and I am not looking forward to the heat.

Could be worse though.  Our heat is nothing compared to what the East Coast has been having.

To celebrate that, I'm thinking of making something sweet this weekend.  I'm kind of thinking of making more of the chocolate/peanut butter cupcakes.  But we'll see.

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