Thursday, September 20, 2012

Choo choo to crazy town

Summer is finally winding down, and with it will go most of the craziness at work. 

Work is ALWAYS busy.  But it goes absolutely INSANE at the end of Summer. 

Home is also crazy, but for different reasons.  The fall fiber festivals are starting up and it's time to start winterizing the house.

I finished up with several different yarns that were on the spinning wheel.  I washed 5 different skeins of yarn, 2 are finally dry as of this morning, 3 more are nearly dry.  Perhaps next week or so I will pull out all of the handspun and take pictures.

I finished up my very first cabled yarn this morning.  That was interesting.  A cabled yarn is one that is spun one direction, then plied (with another strand, or in the case of this, I did the 2 ends together.)  After it is plied, then you take another plied yarn like it and spin them again in the original direction.  This gives you a very textured, very sturdy yarn.  Steel cables are made like this.  This was my first time trying to make this kind of yarn.  It's spun too much the last time, but that's fine, it'll all work out in the end.

But it was fiber that I got originally to go with some black and purple fiber, but this one came out green, not purple.  So I had to do something else with it.  But because of the color, I didn't want to ply it in any manner that would keep the colors matched up.  However, I really like the final product.  It's blended out the pinks that I didn't like at all and smoothed all the colors out so they are far more to my taste.

Outside of the fiber, I am reaching the end of my CSA (Farm produce box) season.  This will be the last session I ever have with this particular company.  I don't know what they are doing, but boy are they doing it wrong.  The one upside is not worth the mounting downsides.  I keep getting foods that are horribly bruised, rotten even, and the customer service is lacking.  The timing is inconvenient in the extreme and at this point I would prefer to buy groceries at the store. 

On a happy note, I'm getting even more unpacked and removed from the house or put away.  I have a collection of books and videos to go to the used book store.  I plan to purge some more of the books because either I have multiple copies, or I didn't care for the book, or I have an e-copy of it and don't feel the need to have more than that.  (there are some books where I have multiple hard copies, and an e-copy and I will keep all of them thank you very much.  :)

The bird is still hanging on, but is definitely showing deterioration.  I was thinking of taking a vacation this fall and going to the beach or somewhere, but I am amending that thought.  I don't want to take him back to boarding or leave him for any real length of time.  I fret and worry about him, which is normal at his age, I think.  I will vacation at home and let him be out for cuddles all day.  :)

For now, this weekend, is time at the fair.

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